Lauren Bedford: Digital Designer


Product launchWebsite design and social media activations.

The 4 Pines Brewing Co.’s ‘Bastard Children of the British Empire’ is 200 years of Pale Ale history in a box, as told through six very special ales, with each bottle telling the next chapter in the adventure of Pale Ale.

The story was brought to life via digital, POS and social media. I designed the Bastards webpage as well as launching two social activations, creating buzz and excitement around the product. The Bastards became personalities on twitter, with each character having their own unique opinion on topics from #CWC15 to #nswvotes. All their activity was housed on the Bastard Banter Board.

View the Banter Board here

I also designed and developed the Bastard Palate selector on Instagram. Using a pre-existing mechanic, the platform was used as a taste selector so that the user could narrow down the choices and ultimately find their perfect Bastard Ale.

Try it for yourself (best viewed on mobile) @Bastard_Palate

Social strategy | Art direction | Design | Prototyping and Implementation

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